Terms and Conditions

  1. Packages are per WordPress install. If your business has 3 sites on a multisite, only 1 package is required.
  2. lf you have 2 websites both with their own WordPress installations, then require 2 support packages.
  3. Any websites with complex hosting such as Load balancers, Caching servers or Database clusters can only be supported by the Gold package.
  4. Any changes made by the client or 3rd parties that cause functionality to break will be chargeable to resolve.
  5. Plesk control panel is only available for applicable Amplify WordPress hosting packages.
  6. Additional costs may apply if the website is not hosted by Amplify WordPress.
  7. All support packages are for 12 months, with a minimum 3 months written notice required to cancel.
  8. All contracts will automatically renew if not cancelled for a 12-month period.
  9. WordPress core updates are updated within the same major version, e.g. 5.3 to 5,4. upgrades to a new major version e.g. 5.x to 6.x may incur additional costs.
  10. WordPress core & plugin updates will be completed where possible, if a plugin is no longer supported or upgradeable additional costs may be required to complete an upgrade or replacement.
  11. Any additional costs will be quoted in advance before work is completed.
  12. Any plug ins that are only upgradeable where a valid support contract is in place with the supplier /vendor, is the responsibility of the client to purchase said support contract.
  13. Ask an expert support requires the user has completed Amplify Sales training course on WordPress.
  14. lf any minor WordPress plugin updates break the functionality of the website then this will be resolved as part of the upgrade, or the upgrade rolled back if not possible.
  15. All package costs are based on the support contract starting when the existing WordPress website is up to date, if the WordPress is not up to date then additional costs may be charged for bringing the website up to date to start the contract..
  16. lf any WordPress plugins won’t update due to being end of life, clashing with another plugin, new version released or require to be replaced then additional costs may be charged to investigate & resolve the issue.
  17. All backups (known as Snapshots in DigitalOcean) are stored within your hosting and will consume additional space.
  18. PLESK features require Amplify WordPress to be hosting the website.
  19. All WordPress plugin, Core & PLESK updates are completed once a month, on no particular day.
  20. All response times are measured from when a DESK support ticket is raised, whether directly by the client or by Amplify WordPress.
  21. Ask the Expert hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 09:00 – 17:00, excluding public holidays.
  22. All response times are quoted in business hours.