A list of terms used in your packages

Plesk Control Panel Updates & Support: updating Plesk (your web hosting control panel) can also help to ensure your website(s) are reaching their peak performance.

Frequency of Backups: how often Amplify WordPress takes a backup copy or snapshot of your website.

Backup Retention: how many backups or snapshots of your website we store and securely keep at any one time.

Rollback to Last Snapshot: this is the process of restoring your website from a backup also commonly referred to as a snapshot. This is typically used as a last resort.

Upcoming SSL Expiry Alerts: be notified when your website(s) SSL certificate(s) is close to expiring – SSL certificates are crucial to help to keep your website secure.

Domain Name Expiry Alerts: be notified in advance of your domain name expiring.

Page Speed Reporting: can help you to understand and fix technical issues that may be slowing down the performance of your website.

Brand Reputation: we check a repository maintained by Google that comprises a list of URLs perceived to contain malicious code, and notifies you right away if your website is affected.

Real-time Blocklist Check: checks and confirms if your hostname or IP addresses are blocklisted against popular DNS-based blocklists in real-time. It allows you to instil confidence in your customers that they can contact you safely. through email. your website. and social media.

Server Health: monitoring of the vitals of your servers such as CPU. memory. network and disk usage, providing an overview and status of the health of your server.