After spending money on your WordPress website, is it still not generating leads?

We’re all too familiar with clients coming to us with this sentiment.
Don't you think it’s time for a change?

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Does your WordPress website get traffic but no sales?

If your WordPress website isn’t creating sales,
it probably feels like you’ve wasted the money you spent on it?

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Do the technicalities of running your WordPress website frustrate you?

Between plugin updates, PHP and security it’s too much to manage!
Your website management shouldnt be that hard should it?

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We understand your frustration

It’s super difficult dealing with agencies and companies who just aren’t on the same page as you!

Running your business and WordPress website means so much more than just a report of statistics and results about what is happening with your prized assets.

Running a business is about your bottom line and the success it makes which is why you need to find a partner that can understand that, is on your team and helps you achieve your business goals. That is true return on investment, not fancy designs and copy-paste results.

Its for this reason we created a 7 step plan that guarantees success, its a tried and tested way of working that gets you the results you want from your business.

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Introducing Amplify WordPress

We have come up with the perfect solution to help you get more out of your WordPress website so that it ends up doing exactly what you intended to do… Perform! We call this the Amplify Plan.

The Amplify Plan

Step 1 – WordPress Website Benchmarking
Before we take over your WordPress website, we identify where your website should be. This will give you and us a good place to begin when building on changes to grow your sales and conversions.
Step 2 – WordPress Website Login & transfer to our faster servers*
At this stage you provide us with the access we need and we transfer you to our fast servers. This ensures we can support your WordPress website better than before, these factors help us get into it and start looking at the factors that hold it back from converting or selling more.
Step 3 – WordPress Website Auditing
From here we dive into all aspects of your WordPress website so that we can fully understand everything thats going on. We then document the WordPress website outlining where it needs to be improved. This covers everything from factors that hold back you converting more to physical website updates and fixes. We also as astandard practice audit your PPC, Social and Search to ensure its where it needs to be and report on this for your ease of access.
Step 4 – WordPress Website Updates
Once the audit is complete, we then take over all of your WordPress website updates and fixes, and execute them in an order that doesnt break or compromise the website.
Step 5 – Amplify Brainstorming Session
This is really where your value lies, our brainstorm sessions! Here we get together with our team of experts with over 25 years of experience and we analyse your WordPress website and find ways to enhance and improve on its performance, UX and general flow to help the site get to a place of improvement so you can convert better.
Step 6 – A/B Split testing Suggestions
Once the suggestions are collected we set up a split testing scenario to playout the changes and really determine what your clients want to see in order to make your WordPress website more valuable.
Step 7 – Recurring Monthly Meeting & Reporting
As a standard, we meet monthly, go over suggestions, report on whats being done and get feedback from you on where you would like to go with your prized asset.

that have found success using Amplify WordPress


The proof is in the pudding

With all this in mind, can you afford to let your WordPress website not convert any longer?

Signup to reduce your workload, convert more leads and take back control of your WordPress website today.

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